Xmas winner announced!

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Congratulations go to Ernest Resendes, who submitted the first correct answer to our Rocky IV December competition. He wins a Rocky screenplay signed by Sylvester Stallone just in time for Christmas!

There were only 56 correct answers submitted from thousands of entries. Here’s what Ernest submitted. How did you do?

Rocky went down, in various ways, a total of 8 times. Here’s a breakdown: (#1) Punched down in round 1. (#2) Thrown down in round 2. (#3) Punched down in round 2. (#4) Both Rocky and Drago go down when Rocky picks up Drago in round 2. (#5) Punched down in round 5. (#6) Punched down in round 9. (#7) Punched down again in round 9. (#8) Punched down in round 11.

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