Thomas Jane added to Headshot

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Thomas Jane (Boogie NightsThe Mist, Hung) will join Sylvester Stallone in the forthcoming action thriller Headshot, to be directed by legendary helmer Walter Hill. The movie will see Stallone’s hitman reluctantly buddy up with Jane’s NYPD detective for an investigation after both their respective partners are killed.

Thomas Jane

Jane said: “He’s a hitman, I’m a cop, and we’re just opposite in every way, and we need each other to get this job done.”

We’re excited about some old-school thrills from these veteran talents along with the fresh edge of the talented Thomas Jane. Equally excited? Let us know!

10 comments on ‘Thomas Jane added to Headshot’

  1. Glen says:

    I think it sucks that Jane is no longer on this movie. I think SLY and Jane would have been equally as good as TANGO and CASH. Hopefully they don’t get some kid fresh from filming the next twilight movie to replace him.

  2. Don says:

    EXACTLY, it seems a lot of people including myself want to see Jane in this movie. Nothing has been said anymore which leads us to believe that Jane has been let go, too bad. I hope I’m wrong and Jane is still a go but with Joel Silver, the control freak he can be probably not going to happen. Sly do something for Jane.

  3. mdfaraone says:

    I was really looking forward to the pairing of Stallone/Jane , all of us fans need to be as vocal as possible and tell Silver “WE WANT JANE !!!”.
    Stallone , if you read these blogs, use any influence you have to convince Joel Silver to keep Jane on the project.

  4. Stallone is an inspiration to mankind

  5. Kevin says:

    Thomas Jane was awesome in The Punisher, him and Stallone together? I can’t wait !

  6. esper noticias diarias, aguardo ,obrigado.

  7. Webmaster says:

    Me too. I thought Jane did a great job in The Mist and Hung and look forward to seeing him in this.

    • Don says:

      Sly, can you set the record straight, is Thomas Jane going to be in Headshot? With all the controversy with Joel Silver and the studio wanting to replace him know one knows what’s happening. I understand what Joel Silver is looking for but Jane even if with another actor there is no way to predict what the film is going to do. Put your foot down Sly and fight for Jane. Good Luck!

    • Stallone has always been my favorite actor. He is incredible to watch.

  8. VictoriAnna says:

    I’m excited! Look forward to seeing the movie!!!

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