Sylvester Stallone: 35 Years of Painting

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Sylvester Stallone currently has an art exhibition entitled ‘Sylvester Stallone: 35 Years of Painting’ at Galerie Gmurzynska in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The retrospective show, which includes 30 pieces painted by the actor, lasts until March 15, 2011. The paintings document different periods of Stallone’s creative work, including various self-portraits. The show is a great representation of a life in the arts.

Sylvester Stallone Exhibition Opens in St. Moritz

Photo: EPA/Arno Balzarini

Stallone’s pictures are as action-packed as his movies: colorful, expressive and abstract. The actor uses an expressionistic style to realise his art in a spontaneous way.

© Sandra Bauknecht

“Best of Life”, mixed media and artist’s frame, 1989. Photo © Sandra Bauknecht.

The exhibition at Galerie Gmurzynska will be accompanied by a catalogue written by art critics Anthony Haden-Guest (for The New York Times and The London Times) and Donald Kuspit, one of the most distinguished art critics in America.

© Sandra Bauknecht

Above: “Finding Rocky”, mixed media and artist’s frame, 1975. “Never Ever Land”, mixed media and artist’s frame, 2010. “Hercules O’Clock”, mixed media and artist’s frame, 1991. Photos © Sandra Bauknecht.

Photo © Sandra Bauknecht

Detail of “Best of Life”, mixed media and artist’s frame, 1989. Photo © Sandra Bauknecht.

Subsequent to the show at Galerie Gmurzynska, Stallone’s art will be exhibited at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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46 comments on ‘Sylvester Stallone: 35 Years of Painting’

  1. I’m amazed at the art work Sly has gracefully painted. I understand there are critics of every fashion, but as a tattoo artist I can say without a doubt these are some fabulous pieces of art. It’s unfortunate some of the people on this thread say such ridiculous things about Sly’s art when they aren’t quite sure what art is. I’d love to collect just 1 of his pieces, but I’m sure that may be very hard to aquire. Sly keep on doing what your doing, because your a true artists all the way around. God bless you and may you prosper forever.


  2. Stallone. You don’t have to stick with supplies found in the artstores. Get scrapers from Lowes or Home Depot. They come in large sized. It also helps with Color to paint in black and white for a year. Dali did it.

  3. NOAH MAXIMUS says:

    This is art? This is absolutely hideous! Hideous, hideous, hideous! Like the earlier poster stated this is the emporers new clothes.

  4. Nathan says:

    Hi, there i’m Nathan forester i’m a huge fan of yours. I loved you in Rocky, Rambo, Cliffhanger and Demolition Man.

    But I also like your artwork too and your work in the movie ‘Oscar’, severely underrated in my opinion.

    Ignore what those other losers say, they’re trolls and probably are jealous because of your sucess.

  5. Chris says:

    Wow, this guy should stick to acting….

  6. Connie Blackfox says:

    Sly, I have always been impressed by your talent. I particularly loved “Cliffhanger”, and watch it often (I used to be a free climber myself). Anyway, most people catch you, except a couple who drank the “hater-ade”. Forget them!

  7. shea says:

    Amazing. I’d love to see you do a documentary focusing on your painting. Why has this been a secret, that you are also, a great painter?

  8. Vit Gorodets says:

    Mr. Stallone,
    Your works will be exhibited at the State Russian Museum in St.Petersburg. You may be interested to learn that on July 7, 2012, The State Russian Museum and The State Hermitage in St.Petersburg will celebrate 125th Anniversary of Marc Chagall birth. There is more to share with you on this subject. Are you going to travel to St.Petersburg for the opening ceremony of your Exhibition? If YES, than is there any way to get in touch with you (my name is Vit, I am a founder of The International Initiative Group “CHAGALL 2012″, I reside in Los Angeles)
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  9. Jennifer Matthews says:

    I think it’s amazing you don’t limit yourself to one “greatness”. You inspire me to continue to pursue my dreams and move forward in my life…..
    Your Fan,

  10. Imre Kalanyos says:

    Sly, you started to reveal your talent when you challanged the ods of one in the million.
    Keep it up you are good at it.

  11. David says:

    People have always tended to say that Sly wasn’t exactly blessed with intelligence and a creative side , but this just goes to prove the opposite !

  12. richard r guise says:

    just wanting to say i like what you do and paint as well is a bonus yo are avery well rounded multi tasking person keep up the goos work ray

  13. Nii hylton says:

    Its interesting to know and witness the artistic side of Sly..!

  14. Julio suda says:



  15. steve nichols says:

    You have got to be kidding-are you people nuts! This is like the emperor’s new clothes folks. Wake up-it is terrible!

  16. Pam Barbee says:

    Love your work, Sly! What an incredibly talented man you are! Thank you for entertaining and inspiring me the past 35 years! First, with your acting. I was in love, infatuated, imagining meeting you during my teens through my thirties! LOL! Then, I began to look much deeper in the message in all of your work. Through periods of disappointment, disenchantment, and even depression, Rocky films, especially ROCKY BALBOA, have helped me believe in myself again and the power I possess to control my destiny to great degree! I want you to know how you have indirectly helped me without ever knowing me…Thank you! Now, waiting for more of your great work in Expendables 2 and more! The passion always comes across in your writing, directing, and acting!
    I love your painting! Is there a way to view your entire collection?
    Finally, you have such a beautiful family. Your wife and three daughters are so pretty! So happy for you after a couple of failed attempts, you found true love and happiness that is lasting……doesn’t happen much in Hollywood….or anywhere these days it seems! My husband and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary.
    But, just in case you ever have a desire to grant the greatest wish of a long time loyal adoring fan whose affections are not misplaced…I would love, love, love the opportunity to meet you!
    God’s blessings always to you and your family.


    Hello Sly,
    I am really proud of you because i have never been disappointed with you. and since i was young until now, you still being my real actor in the world everything from you make me proud. but one thing i can suggest you is if it can be possible to paint a significant board which can reflect refugee life, as i am into this miserable life for now five years. try to honor also refugees
    I am in Dzaleka camp in Malawi.
    i guess you get me.

  18. suzy herron says:

    How wonderful that you have been always creative, keeps the spirit vibrant! kudos to you,

  19. John .w.Walton says:

    Im wondering if stallone was just a regular joe blow,with no conection if he still would have all the coments an be able to have an exbition in switzerland.I have seen unknow artists that would put his infantile scibels to shame.

  20. Monika Nwankwo says:

    Dear Sly!
    Your paintings are really deserves to be recognized in the entire world, alongside with your movies. It shows how versatile and brilliant you are. As a painter, you reveal your wonderful intellectual and sensitive side; as a moviemaker you present mainly your great wild and masculine side. You are my dream; you are a real man, definitely. I wish you unstoppable creativity and success in both art forms, forever!!!

  21. Lena says:

    Congrats, Sly! It`s amazing works. You are wonderful person, keep going in the same way!

  22. Daynsby says:

    Sly paints too. Sweet. I think paintings reveal more than most other art forms.

  23. Pueblo Pecasso says:


    I grew up with your movies.
    I guess now my children will grow up with your paintings.

    Regards, Pueblo

  24. zoe says:

    Sly I really can’t imagine world without you…You rock!!!You are so talented!You are the best eeever!!!

  25. juliet jones says:

    well how fantastic sly is a legend all rocky’s have been on tv and they are still as fantastic as ever sly god bless you i love you keep up the good work xx

  26. robert craig says:

    enjoyed rocky films. rambo where good but didnt enjoy last one as much as the rest. though the expendables was great

  27. Thomas Green says:

    you never cease to amaze me..Thanks for sharing all of your talents with the world

  28. stancu niculae says:

    i am much older than sylvester stallone,a butyfull star on the humanitarian sky and i would like to contect him tooffer him a good universal mark to iblarge hts popularity[west is only west, but there are olso east,south,and north]…./pa nico

  29. zoe says:

    I draw too and I love your paintings.They are colourful and when I watch them I really think that you are so talented.

  30. croix says:

    When can we see Stallone’s work in St. Peterburg, Russia?

  31. Understandably if not understatedly, it’s the most personal of expressions that many protect to even a bitterly torn, burned or slashed end: I see WHAT you paint, Mr. Stallone, but it is more intriguing to me to know HOW you paint. How comfortable are you in turning the camera on the process vs the product? I believe many could and likely would benefit from seeing you work.

    Best wishes,

  32. septyaayaa says:

    you are amazing man Sly.. !!

  33. velma v.grove says:

    you are the greatest, will love you forever

  34. Jovan says:

    I was not aware that you had been painting all these years. I what a pleasant surprise to see such great artwork. I’m also a painter, with an expressionist hand. I’d love to create a collaborative artwork with you. See my art website if you are interested.

  35. Sly,
    You just continue to amaze me with your phenomenal movies full of heart and strength and now you’re contemporary Art Work. You have definitely been an inspiration to me in the gym and in life.

  36. Blanca Bustamante says:

    Congrats Sly!You are an amazing man: Actor, writer, director, etc. and now painter hit after hit . You are the best for us .Blanca Bustamante from Ecuador . I would like to meet you . On June my husband and I are going to US , tell me please how can we do to meet you please

  37. Sophie says:

    Woaw !
    I practice art during 7 years, and I love the colours that you use, I think there give a touch of cheerfulness!
    i love more particulary “Best of life”
    Congrat Sly!

  38. veronica says:


  39. Kevin Lord says:

    Dig the paintings and you are a great actor writer etc!

  40. rosy says:

    would love for you to have a book out with all your paintings in it……………


  41. Vassilios Govosdis says:

    Congrats for your <> for me artistik work.
    Fantastic actor,director,writer and painter.
    Yours sincerely,
    Vassilios Govosdis

  42. Max Bender says:

    It’s great to see that you are not only a fantastic actor and writer but a fascinating artist!

  43. Webmaster says:

    What an amazing accomplishment. Congrats Sly!

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