Stallone receives CinemaCon Career Achievement Award

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Sylvester Stallone was honoured April 26, 2012 with the CinemaCon Career Achievement Award during the annual gathering in Las Vegas. CinemaCon general manager Mitch Neuhauser said. “throughout his incredible career spanning nearly 40 years, Sylvester has established his ability to continually captivate his audiences. We are very thrilled to acknowledge his remarkable career by honoring him with our CinemaCon Career Achievement Award.”

Stallone at CinemaCon

CinemaCon welcomes more than 5,000 professionals from the cinema industry to four days of movie previews, advance screenings, award ceremonies, panel discussions and a sold-out trade show of exhibitors. Congrats Sly!

9 comments on ‘Stallone receives CinemaCon Career Achievement Award’

  1. Garry Atkinson says:

    Sylvester Stallone…………….you deserve this award and so much more. May you keep on inspiring me forever


    Congratulations Sly!!! You are the one and you deserve it! Thank you for your talent!!! Muriel (France)

  3. Paolo Rallo says:

    Its Great Sly and now its Time for the oscar.
    Cheers Paolo from Germany.

  4. Don says:

    Congrats Sly, you deserve it.

  5. ahsan zia says:

    u deserve it. GOD bless u.



  7. Eudald says:

    You deserve it all! The greatest ever.
    For The Expendables III, please, try to include Kurt Russell! I’d love to watch you two kicking together again.

  8. Congratulations Sly! I was 14 when i lost my father and you got at his position in the 80’s with the meaning, that i had a person to look up. What i learned from your films and life:
    There are up and downs, but never give up. Stay loyal to yourself and never lose your goal from your eyes. As many of your fans, i carry the same lonelyness in my heart like your heros at screen. Your real life-achievement for me is: You give hope to others through your own example. Stay what you are. I love you.
    P.S. Now at my 40s: I am in the same situation now as your Action-Hero Lincoln Hawk in Over the Top. Fighting against a very mean grandmother for my 3 year old son. Your films prepared my for the battle of my life.

  9. Emin says:

    congratulate him on winning, and I know there are a lot of awards will Yeshe much he a wonderful actor, I always believed in him since childhood

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