Stallone now shooting The Tomb

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Sylvester Stallone has been shooting scenes for the upcoming movie The Tomb – which also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Amy Ryan and 50 Cent – on the streets of New Orleans. Crowds of tourists and locals stopped to check out Stallone as he worked. There were opportunities to snap photos as Sly was filmed getting in and out of an SUV and walking into a bar. The Bourbon Street scene, never short of excitement, whirled on as production continued on The Tomb.

Sly on set

Did you catch sight of the man himself on set? Let us know!

18 comments on ‘Stallone now shooting The Tomb’

  1. faribourz says:

    hello racy . aim iranian godnot spick english .sari sari sari

  2. Garry Atkinson says:

    The Man……….what else can I say?

  3. Elleasha Chhiber says:

    *buzzing lol not bussing haha i cant spell hehe :D

  4. Elleasha Chhiber says:

    i think sylvester stallone has such great amazing talent and he is so uncredited for it! he is 66 this year and is still shooting strong, he has had such an amazing career and i am like his biggest fan :D he is just awesome. if i could sum him up in one word it would definately have to be perfect. he has the charm, he is charasmatic and definately good looking considering his age! i have seen just about all of his movies and each and everyone is absolutely mind blowing! he is a legend and i know his name will live on forever. everyone who has met sly himself should feel privelleged to be in his company. i know i would do anything in my power to see him in person if i knew i could have the chance. everyone nicknames me sly at school because i am such a fan and admirer of him and his work. i just hope he lives on to be the best, which i know he is already 99% there. I LOVE YOU SLY AND IF YOU EVER READ THIS THEN REMEMBER ME. lol im soooooo looking forwrd to watching expendables 2 and the tomb, im bussing already and august 17th cant come quick enough! hope ya’ll agree with me :D

  5. Tim says:

    I am an Extra on this film and it did not cost me to be one. The Film will be great, Beleave me . Arnold is BACK and Sly is in great shape and amazes everyone how focused he gets on set.

  6. Zaidi Jaferson says:

    Dear Sly, you are awesome. I am waiting eagerly for Expendables 2 and Tomb. All the best to you and to your team.

  7. Michael says:

    Hey… I got asked to be an extra or an actor for this film and was told I needed to pay 200 bucks to just talk to the director so that sucks but should be a great movie.

  8. aspa says:

    you guys bring black the character me have been missing

  9. Lee says:

    I am not trying to be a buzzkill or anything I love Stallone’s movies, but they should have put a little more thought in the precise location to film this movie. I am a combat veteran with 5 combat deployments and live on the base next to one of the filming locations. I along with a few of the other Marines located here suffer from sever PTSD. We did not receive a notice that they would be filming next to the base. Hearing automatic machinegun fire when you are not prepared for it brings back a lot of unwanted feelings. Since hearing that fire I have had around a dozen nightmares each night and only received a wink of sleep. I hope next time they plan on shooting next to base housing they send out a flyer or something.

  10. Mariano Audisio says:


  11. Emin says:

    I love Stallone from the very childhood and his films, and it will be my very favorite idol.

  12. farida says:

    My family and I always love your movie. My brother is called Rambo – after you. Thanks for the movies you gave us. Best wishes and luck.

  13. ELISALANG says:

    You hane the smile

  14. I personally can’t wait :) and I wish i was there in New Orleans. Sly and Arnold in one movie? I MUST BE DREAMING…

  15. Domin says:

    Desde España OLE,OLE,OLE, Sly Forever…

  16. bella rose says:

    hoping one day you will film in quebec!!!!!!

  17. Eunice says:

    Thanks 4 still beleving in my hometown 6 years after the storm keep comeing back we love you

  18. Andrea says:

    great project! I believe in you, SLY!

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