Stallone designs luxury pens from Montegrappa

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If you are a connoisseur of pens and a Sylvester Stallone fan, then there is a new series of luxury items on the market just for you. The luxury pen company, Montegrappa, has launched a limited edition pen collection called Cult designed by its ambassador, Sylvester Stallone. The actor drew inspiration from the artworks of 16th century artists like Hans Sebald Beham, Antonio Pollaiolo and Battista Franco in order to create these exclusive items. We can see more than a little inspiration from The Expendables also.


The first pen made available in the series will be called Chaos. With its detailed representations of reptiles and skulls, the pens imagery depicts life and death. This pen’s finish has been handcrafted by skilled artisans.

The pen’s body is made of black pearlized celluloid set in solid 18 karat gold and silver. Only 1912 such models are being made. One thousand of the items will be fountain pens and 912 will be roller balls in silver.

Sly at work

There will also be 100 fountain pens and 100 roller ball pens crafted in solid 18k gold, while 10 fountain pens and another 10 roller balls will be made in 18k solid gold and encrusted with precious stones.

For more information, visit http://www.montegrappa.com.

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  1. Kickpreneur says:

    Would be interesting to read more about the design process, and details of how Stallone went about it from initial idea to final design.

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  4. TopMse says:

    i love you sir.
    you are awesome in the world.

  5. […] Sylvester Stallone – Stallone designs luxury pens from Montegrappa […]

  6. Mariano Audisio says:

    sly es el mejor actor de accion, no se discute…

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    im gonna write my story about you on the computer and you could read it and you see what you think bout it.

  8. kalina says:

    syl sorry to bother every sec but i wrote a biography about you and i got so sad when my progress report came out my sub teacher gave me an f- and my dreams to be your manager were crushed by a stupid sub teacher.:(

  9. kalina says:

    you make me smile everyday and im only 9 :P

  10. kalina says:

    i love you please sen me one i really want one and autograph it.

  11. Jeff Rubin says:

    Mr. Stallone on the cover of Fahrney’s Pens New Year catalog displaying his new creation from Montegrappa- are you sure that is the image you wish portrayed? It seems to me that holding the pen the way it is displayed doesn’t quite fit the solid, masculine, tough image that has been the trademark of all Stallone has been associated with?

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  13. Mariano Audisio says:

    hoy es mi cumpleaños y me regalaron la saga completa de rocky,
    soy feliz!!!

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  15. Jamie McKay says:

    I have been a super fan since I can remember. I wanted to say thank you for all the positive things you do especially your influence on being physically healthy.I love ALL your movies and I think you are brilliant! Thank you

  16. Adrian says:

    A fan from Romania salute you, good luck.

  17. Jeremy says:

    What can’t you do? I just bought an autographed picture of you from the Rocky set, probably as close as I’ll ever get to getting one in person.

  18. Boss says:

    sylvester es uno de los mejores por ser gentil, soy un fan de siempre saludos

  19. Lee R says:

    SLY,I`m from China.I loveyou so much! ROCKY will encourage me forever!And so will you.

  20. JW says:

    Damn… That´s a great shot of Sly. I like his look better like this than with the beard and all in the Expendables.

  21. roodalmeida says:

    Nem preciso entrar aqui pra dizer que sou apaixonada por você né?
    Tenho tudo original na minha casa e assisto tudo.So não tenho o filme dublado falcão O campeão dos campeões porque no Brasil ainda não achei para comprar.
    Parabens pelo teu maravilhoso trabalho.
    Deus abençoe!!!

    São Paulo- Brazil

  22. Thats what i call a PEN.
    Do i need a weapon license for this? Looks dangerous..:)
    If i pull my Stallone-Pen out of my pocket in a bank for subscring my checks, the woman bihind the counter will surely push the red button under the desk.
    Stallone is an artist in every sense of the word.


    Moro em Vitória-ES. Sou seu fã, assisto todos os seus filmes, desde Rambo I. A caneta é muito linda, gostaria de ter uma. Outro grande desejo é conhecer-lhe pessoalmente, poder apertar sua mão e dar-lhe um abraço. Espero um dia quem sabe, realizar este sonho. Estou aguardando Expendables 2 !!
    Um grande abraço e sucesso !!
    Antonio Carlos.

  24. I’M FROM BRASIL !!
    Sou fã de Sylvester Stallone. A caneta é muito bonita, gostaria muito de ter uma para guardar de recordação. Outro grande sonho e desejo é conhecer SLY de perto. Poder apertar sua mão e dár-lhe um grande abraço. Sou seu fã. Assisto todos os seus filmes de ação. Aguardo no Brasil Expendables 2 !!!

    Um grande abraço Sly

  25. gostosão, fiquei sabendo que você falou mal do meu país??? (Brasil), que feio o povo aqui te adora. Sucesso na venda das canetas…. não gostei muito dessa caveirinha aí não hein…da próxima vez desenha só cobrinha, tá??? beijos você continua um tesão hein!!! Ti sei uno bello uomo, capito!!!Io gli voglio molto bene, escusa o mio pessimo italiano, io amo questo idioma!!! anche a te…

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  28. Billy Xiao says:

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  29. Shane says:

    Sly the pens will be a great success and i’m sure people will buy them right up once they go for sale. I wish i could afford one lol probably out of my price range, but i cant wait till the clothing line comes out in 2012…i barge through “marcy’s” store doors to get my hands on that stuff..keep up the great work Sly, just like everything you’ve done, from your movies, to your book, your supplements and your “sly”magazine, your always a winner!

  30. Wedding DJ says:

    Writing with a great pen always makes you feel good – one of life’s essential luxuries.

  31. Mariano Audisio says:

    Sly nos inspira para entrenarnos en el gimnasio…

  32. to which industry or whom this pen was design for?

  33. julia prather says:

    The exquisite idea of 18k gold and precious stones and things designed with care are not part of everyday life nearly enough, are they?

  34. Hi! I AM SWISS (-FRENCH) & ITALIAN, for the record(i was adopted). Good luck w/your pens, Sylvester(?)! They sound really pretty and expensive(taste).

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