Soul Survivor

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Sylvester Stallone

Lionsgate is working on an animated show for the web featuring Sylvester Stallone. The Stallone project goes by the name of Soul Survivor, and focuses on a last-of-his kind mercenary. We’ll keep you updated on this project as and when things progress.

Lionsgate released Sly’s recent blockbuster The Expendables and will handle the sequel, which arrives in August 2012.

2 comments on ‘Soul Survivor’

  1. Emin says:

    Sly thank you for the great movies of my childhood and now I love you and your work :)
    Orehovo Zuevo

  2. michael says:

    cartoons!!!??? YES!!! Long overdue… even Bruce Willis had a cartoon… but yours can be different Sly!! im thinking dark like black on black dark! just a real human being with hopes and dreams of becoming a good “patriotic” gung ho hero for his country at a young age holding dear to the image of an american badass only to be let down by the corrupt greedy
    system he once believed in, no longer bent on vengence towards a lost cause he lives his life doing what he has only known… surviving contract after contract he gets closer and closer to put a bullet through his skull but the
    only thing that stops him is his job… hes too good.. so good black water keeps tabs on him.. he hates that good… he hates that

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