Sly receives Lifetime Achievement Award

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Former California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger, left, presents actor Sylvester Stallone with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 48th Annual ICG Publicist Awards at The Beverly Hilton hotel Friday February 25, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

Arnold presents award to Sly

AP Photo/ICG, Craig T. Mathew

Arnold presents award to Sly

Congratulations Sly! Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

23 comments on ‘Sly receives Lifetime Achievement Award’

  1. Shane says:

    Finally the Great Sly Stallone wins a awesome award fit for all the hard work he does. I think its totally ridiculous to ever give him a stupid razzie award. The man is tops in acting, and action, and directing and writing…what are people looking for in a film…i absolutly hate all those movies that do win awards..it seems like everyone just follows the band wagon and picks the dumb movies for first place.. Sly and his movies are all amazing, and cover all the aspects of life, drama, comedy, action, sadness, loyality, strength, and heart…Sly #1

  2. Nathan says:

    You motivate and inspire everyone, you deserve this honor for all that you’ve done.

  3. You are the greatest Mr.Balboa. You really deserve this award. I have a lot of love and respect for you. If i had’nt seen your movies i dont know what my life would have been. I pity those people who left this world before you punched in. I think all of us are lucky and blessed by GOD to have the opportunity to watch your acting. The Expendables was cool now i am looking forward for The Zookeeper where we will get to hear your awesome voice.
    Sir, i respect you alot. I am from India and was on cloud nine when i saw you in Kambakht Ishq. Whenever i come face to face with any damn problem i just remenber your lines from Rocky Balboa about it really doesn’t matter how hard u hit what matters is how hard you get hit and keep moving forward how much you can take and keep moving forward.
    Sir, thanks alot for inspiring and entertaining us all this years.

    With respect

  4. ruben alejandro coria says:

    felicitaciones sly sos el mejor!!!

  5. Robyn says:

    Congratulations Mr. Stallone!!! I grew up watching your movies and continue to be a big fan. Where my father failed, you became that figure for me. While yes, only through your movies could I be inspired. Your Rocky charachter has always been my inspiration. The “underdog” rises to the challenge to hang in there and go the distance and then eventually comes out as The Champ. My whole life I too have been an underdog. I’ve overcome childhood abuse and in the end have helped others overcome their abuse issues. Thank you for creating such timeless charachters that have touched so many people. Your an AMAZING talent! I look forward to many more movies to come.
    Congratulations once again on the award!
    Your biggest fan,

  6. I love Rambo we only missed i needed an action parked between him and the Commando,we would have loved so much.

  7. Karthik Raghavan says:

    SylVester Stallone!! You always Rock! Rocky & Rambo is my evergreen flicks.. Rocky movie series raised me up.. You Lived in it! very inspirational! Thanks Sly.. Rock on.. 8)

  8. Tony Lopez says:

    Mr. Stallone,

    You are my physically fit idol and have been for decades but recently your Rocky and Rambo (II & III) movies (which I have viewed many times on dvd) have inspired me to set a bodybuilding goal to attempt to look like you did in those awesome movies…time will tell how this goal of mine will turn out but more importantly: You are one talented individual and CONGRATULATIONS on your recent award!

    Will we see another RAMBO movie in the near future?…

    Cheers and yes, I would also love to see you and Arnold do more together in the sequel to the Expendables:-)…


  9. [email protected] says:

    I would like to see you create a character that is Dramitic,
    passionate,humanistic. When Sly puts pen to papper he realy
    captures all those emotions. Stallones acting is best when
    he is doing crying,yelling,passinote roles. Like in rocky 1 (The Apartment Scene) when Micky proposes to be his manger,and rocky tells mick no;then he goes into a volcano rant about how he needed him years ago!!! Also in the end of Firstblood when Colonel Trautman comes to get Rambo out
    of the store hes in. Again stollones acting is Phanominal
    ,because its so realistic,and Dramatic!!!!
    Stallone has brought the humane heart,will,strive
    to the big screen in the last 30 something years, with his
    movie magicial charters that he creates.
    MR Stallone your the best! Thank you for all the inspiration!!!!!!
    P.S Thanks for giving me somone to look up aswel!!!!

  10. Ivan Gavumenti says:

    I love Rambo we only missed i needed an action parked between him and the Commando,we would have loved so much.
    I wish God would them some ages and they give us one parked combination.

  11. Neil Shah says:

    Congratulations – all that remains is you to reunite all the cast from the fisrt Expendables (Arnie and Bruce with bigger roles) and possibly Van Damme and Jackie Chan – may be may be please!!!

    All the Best – Neil (UK)

  12. Jackie Stash says:

    I love and have all of your movies, watch them constanly over and over. Would love to have an autographed picture of you for my family home to put next to my Rocky/Rambo movie posters.


  13. Jackie Stash says:

    If any one in American can represent American better then Sly I don’t know who that would be! He came for the bottom and showed American want a person can do when they try as hard as he has. He is a Prime example of what someone who worked hard, He deserved the award more then any one I can think of in the world of movies and as a special Human being. Rocky and Rambo will live in our hearts forever.Good luck in what ever you do Sly..

  14. suraj stha says:

    Hats off to you Sly love you..

  15. Callumn Montgomery says:

    Well done, you deserve it. Hope to see you on the screen again soon!

  16. Dusty Kammerer says:

    Nice, about time you got the recognition. Can’t wait to see your next steps…Need a fit actor?

  17. Rock Starr says:

    Well done sly but arnie still looks better only joking see you soon

    • Kirk Douglas says:

      Sly you are good but Iam 97 years old and I bet I can still beat ya at draughts call me KD

  18. J says:

    If someone deserves this, its Sylvester. Good to have you back in the screen after Rambo. I hope so much that we get Rambo 5. Sly, congratulations you are the man who inspires me more than anyone!

  19. Av says:

    For every person that leaves a comment, there are thousands and thousands of people who feel the same way. As Steve Reeves was to you, you are to us. Thank you for inspiring me to be more than that I am.

  20. Eudald says:

    If anyone deserves this, it is Sly Stallone! Congratulations!

  21. Max Bender says:

    You truly deserved this, Sly! Congratulations! Hope to see you and Arnold again on the screen together soon!

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