Sly in good spirits

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This fun video sees hair stylist Giuseppe Franco goofing around with his pal Sylvester Stallone. Sly is in great spirits in this video so we thought we’d share it here. The video comes from Stylist Star TV, the network channel behind the the ‘Hair Stylist For Life’ program which profiles the top 75 stylists changing lives all around the globe.

22 comments on ‘Sly in good spirits’

  1. Pablo Lopez says:

    sylvester stallone, i have always looked up to you man. Your a great actor and a good role model.I hope you keep making movies and keep working hard. Good luck with everything. It would be an honor to meet you one day

  2. Martin says:

    Sly looks like an awesome guy to hang out with, wish I could meet him!

  3. john says:

    i herd a rumour that Mr T , and Hulk Hogan where short listed for the expendabeas 2 that would of been good lol just a thought

  4. john says:

    wow a chance to leave a message on a sly website how cool is that, well i dont wanna go on n on like all these other mad fans that r bordering on stalkers an cyber whakjobs lol. Basicaly i come from england manchester and im getting older im 34 now but grown up in the shadow of sly stallone and all those movies all my mates where into things of that time star wars, transformers and as much as i liked all those things young lads like when their growing up me it was always rambo i remember when rambo3 came out and i had no money n all me friends ad seen it i had £13,00pounds and eeded that to go towards a school uniform n to make matters worse all my mates wernt all that fussed about rambo either i was devestated lmao memmories r great aint they lol from a umongues english fan rying not o come across as a sad stalker slash cyber loon lol
    keep up the good work

  5. renxin blog says:

    Sylvester Stallone good boy!!!!!

  6. Matt Powell says:

    Are you in training for the Expendables sequel? If so what look are you going for this time? I’ve noted over the years that for various films you have gone for different looks; for the Rocky movies a clean cut look with emphasise on size and for Rambo a leaner more rugged look. Will you bulk up again this time, grow the hair a bit longer and go for the goatee again? Or are you going for the more sombre look of a man incognito looking for those who set you up?

    I still think it would be great to have a bar scene where your team of legends goes up against Arnie’ team, with hand to hand fighting, in the belief that they were part of the setup. The ultimate action fans dream right at the start! Then perhaps the reconciliation with Rene Ruso as the CIA operative who leads you to Bruce Willis and his cohorts for complete mayhem and the fight to end all fights!

    Good luck with Expendables 2, can’t wait to see it!

    Many thanks!


  7. Eric says:

    Great Attitude – The movies are priceless points of time in history – I just got around to seeing Rocky Balboa the other day, It Brought back a lot of memories.

  8. Keith says:

    Sly your looking fit and great.

  9. JoAnna Palacio says:

    BIG fan……….you are looking great! Much love.

  10. Bradley Woodward says:

    …A Legend Sylvester – keep ‘em coming!!

  11. Dustin Mac says:

    Sly, your always the king. On AND off the screen! Come visit Baltimore!

  12. bella rose says:

    you are one amazing guy sly ♥

  13. John Littriello says:

    Sly, I know you have heard this millions of times. I wish I knew the words to say to make this correspondance different than all the rest. I remember how I felt as a kid when Rocky first came out. I had dreams about writing a script in which I played your son. It’s funny how your real son filled that role later on down the road. He was jealous of Tommy Gun you know! LOL. I just wanted to say through all the years you have been my inspiration. I have come from nowhere and now own my own restaurant in the Florida Keys. I was just listening to Tony Robbins tell your personal story, and as usual I am fired up again!I think it’s time for a second restaurant. It’s funny how things happen. When I need to grow (personally) I just think of you. Not 5 mins. ago I just got a qoute from my brother. It was talking about the song eye of the tiger. It told how you first wanted another one bites the dust, but could not get that particular song. So, like you, like Rocky, you made it happen a different way. (It was suppose to be eye of the tiger the whole time Sly.That’s the way life works.) You are the best man!! You look great and I hope to still meet you some day. Like Tony Robbins says, “it may just happen!!” I will keep the faith!!!

    A Fan for life.


  14. Steven says:

    Sup Rocky! Still see that you did not lose your fighting spirit! Nice cut!

  15. dean says:

    Hi Sly coming from England to Philadelphia in just over a weeks time,i am going on a Rocky tour for my 40th birthday september 11th and would just like to say what an inspiration you are to me.ps you look fantastic mate,take care

  16. Ron says:

    I want to be like Sly. He is an inspiration. Love you sir!

  17. Bradane Muriel says:

    Dear Sly!!
    I love your new look!!! You are so charming!!! What can I say: good actor, good director, good writer and good looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m your best fan ever!!!! A très bientôt en France et pleins de gros bisous!! Muriel Bradane (France).

  18. Dante says:

    Hi,Sly!You are a very fun person!!!From Italy-Fans Forum!!

  19. Franco C says:

    Sly ,You really look like a fun person to hang out with! I wish I could meet you one day! Probably will never happen but if it did it would be a dream come true! Franco

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