Sly back in director’s chair for The Expendables 2

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Stallone directing

Despite earlier reports to the contrary, Stallone has announced that he will direct The Expendables 2 which is set to premiere August 17, 2012. We will bring you all of the news on this production as it happens.

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7 comments on ‘Sly back in director’s chair for The Expendables 2’

  1. Have been fan of Mr Stallones since the begining and I havent missed a movie, cant wait to see his latest movie. Also cant wait for Expendables 2 to be released.

  2. Great! He`s one my favorite directors anyway. He should direct all his upcoming films himself! And he should have done it in the past. Just saw “Pardise Alley” yesterday for the 30th time. Good luck!

    • Don says:

      For sure. When it comes to the action films Sly has a good eye for what’s needed. I’m not surprised that he’s directing The Expendables 2. I hope he stays healthy enough to keep up with the other guys, day to day production can really take a lot out of you. Keep it up Sly.

  3. RivasR says:

    Can’t wait for the sequel. To be realeased on my BirthDay!

  4. Sushrit says:

    Dying to see Expendables 2 and dying to see sly back in action

  5. shane newson says:

    Great stuff sly only you can direct action so great i cannot wait till august 17th 2012.

  6. mark body says:

    Good luck on the movie sly hope it is just as good or better then the first. I will see the second at the cinema when released, the first expendables was great i saw it at the cinema and bought it once released on dvd. I have been a fan for a long time keep up the good work.

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