Rambo 5 rumor

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Empire Magazine have published a story in which they reveal that writer Sean Hood has just submitted a screenplay to film production company Millennium for a potential future Rambo film called Rambo: Last Stand. According to Hood, Stallone was involved early on in the process: “He gave me a book, an older screenplay, and about twenty pages he’d written himself to use as inspiration” says the writer.

Hood is is careful to stress that he has no idea what will happen with the script, but that he hopes Stallone will eventually be inspired to do one more Rambo film. What do the fans think? Give us your thoughts on whether you’d like to the return of John Rambo by using the comments below.

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  1. Hrishi says:

    “They drew first blood…”
    “Murdoch…. I’m coming to get you”
    “Who are you…I’m your worst nightmare”
    “God will have mercy….He won’t”
    “What do you say John…..Fck’em”
    “When your pushed…killin’s as easy as breathin..”

    “Fans….I’m comin to get you”….Rambo 5…definitely want Rambo 5..and Sly, please dont die in it..You are my fav action hero..I want to see Rambo alive…

  2. Oriane says:

    Oh no ! impossible ! Rambo in front of cartel of the drug, it is a joke ? No interest.
    Furthermore, if Stallone intends to make him die, outside question that I see this film. Who sets him to “Sly” ?
    It is the age ? I shall make the effort to see the film if Rambo can finally find the peace, not the death.
    Symbolically, a dead hero today is of use to nothing.
    On the contrary a hero as him who eventually met “itself”, to evolve and to advance, that YES !

    A French admirer. Sorry for my english.

  3. Patrik says:

    Your the best!!!

    Do Another Rambo, Please, please..

  4. Clara says:

    And wouldn’t it be great if Rambo’s son grew up to be the Sheriff of Bowie, Arizona (with Sly directing, of course)? Rambo would have been proud.

    • christopher varker says:

      I love stallone movies tht i get just about all i can. I grew up on watching first blood. I would love to see a fifth rambo and if it has to be the last one. Than ok. I just read one thing from february 20 that sounded interesting. but if this gets made, i know it’ll turn out great. Just dont kill rambo off.

  5. Clara says:

    I don’t want Rambo to die! He must remain undefeated after all he has been through. He is an icon, a hero and heroes aren’t supposed to die…except from old age. Part 4 ended perfectly, but there is one more thing I would like to have seen happen to John. That he have a female companion (not necessarily a wife) to be with until the end. Rambo was a great warrior, yes, but he was also a man! There was a tender side to John as depicted in part 2 with Co, but she died and that broke John’s heart. I want to think John longed for female companionship all along, but Col. Troutman put the idea in his head that he could be nothing more than a combat soldier and with the way his government used him..expendable…his emotions began to fester as he kept them penned up inside. It’s no wonder he had a bad attitude in part 4! IMO, his tender side could be lightly explored in part V without detracting from his warrior side. Somewhere close to the beginning of part V, Sarah Miller (part4) shows up on his porch and explains that she is on her way to visit her folks and she wanted to stop by and thank him for saving her in Burma, that she has left the group as Michael was getting too possessive and overbearing. John tells her he has an extra room if she needs a place for the night, but she tells him she has a room in town and will be leaving in the morning. She hugs John and thanks him again and tells him to take care of himself, gets in the waiting cab and John watches her leave. John’s dad dies and he buries him on the hill beside his mother. All the hurt floods to the surface again. Back in the house he is pacing and wondering if he should sell the ranch and go back to Thailand or stay and what to do if he stays. (That segways into his final battle whatever that may be, where all the hurt turns to rage) After the battle when he returns home, he is as a lost child not knowing what he should do. There is a knock at the door. It’s Sarah Miller. She tells John, “I hear you have an extra room.” John looks at her, smiles and lets her in, the big door closes and the viewer’s imagination takes it from there. Sarah had a big impact on him in part 4, cutting thru that hard exterior and finding his tender side and I think she would be the one he needs. John will never be alone again. For once in his sad and miserable life, John is happy! He so deserves it! (And maybe when the credits roll, a boys voice is heard asking “Mother, what are these?” And Sarah says, “Those, John, are all the medals your father received during his military service. This one is the Congressional Medal of Honor, awarded to him for… (her voice fades away). RAMBO FOREVER!! You’re the Greatest, Stallone!

  6. Jeremy Watson says:

    Yes absolutely make rambo 5. Please!! They are the greatest man flics ever filmed! There absolutely needs to be one more rambo at least. We need to meet his father and his family. Let him kick the crap out of Obama lol. We need some but kicked here real bad. Or blast the Mexican drug cartels straight to hell. Rambo needs a kid too to save or continue the legacy. And it would be awesome if i could be in the Rambo 5 movie even just a small part. Is that asking too much? Lol i would do it for free!

  7. brandon says:

    I am your #1 fan and I want a Rambo 5 so bad there were seculations in 08 of one in 11 but it nevere happened I have waited years make Rambo 5

  8. Zachary Borak says:

    I pen all sylvester stallones movies and love them all and I think another Rambo would be amazing. It should have him in a war but on a safe mission that turns out to be a trap an in the end he should get married have a kid then you could do a spinoff movie sieres from the kid

  9. Justice says:

    Maybe I think John Rambo’s father should be in it and definitely go ahead.

    • cheslow yez says:

      Definitely another Rambo film! His father must have a small part in it. No need to say more, just do it Sly!

  10. Bruno says:

    Hi, i’m brazilian and don’t speak englis very well but i am a fan of Rambo. I think Rambo V should be similar to Rambo 2. In my opinion Rambo 2 is the best film of all. Definitely Rambo musn’t to die. Maybe he could meet someone like him (but young) and he going to train this guy like Coronel Trautman make with he.

  11. L Carmack says:

    I don’t like your Rocky movies, but I love love love your Rambo movies. I guess I root for the underdog because I was made fun of etc in my childhood school years and I guess I consider myself as the underdog. Is there going to be another Rambo movie, sure hope so. I don’t think he should be killed off, maybe disappear so later on he could resurface by another actor, but another actor will never replace Sly Stallone. Love You!!

  12. TJ Thompson says:

    I think its a great idea I hope it happens, now or never! thats goes for Rocky 7. Maybe Sly should write the Apollo creed Story.

  13. kurtt wulff says:

    it be great to see another rambo. I did up somewhat of a script. well, more of an idea. everyone loved it. who do i talk to???

  14. Miky says:

    Yeeess!! Please do it! I’m dying to see Rambo finding his peace, finding his place, and realize that he is not expendable. I love Rambo, it’s my favorite movie since I was 7. Now I’m 26 and It’s still my favorite! Thank you Sly for making it possible, I wish i had the chance to meet you once, but that will probably never happen because I live in Romania, and who knows when I will have the chance to go to US….probably never :)
    Any way, thank you for all your work, and say hi to Bruce and Arnold for me, because you guys are the heroes of my childhood!!!

  15. Nicholas Schreck says:

    Rambo is my favorite movie series of all time. I love it more than Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or whatever. I pray that Sly will bless us with one more Rambo film (or two). He has made one of the most iconic characters of all time come to life and stand for everything that should be right in the world. I would stand in the rain for a week holding a please make Rambo 5 sign to make this happen. My only sadness is that richard crenna cannot be part of it since he has passed away. For the love of God please make this film. I promise to watch it in theaters and buy it on blu ray. I never want the Rambo franchise to die. I dont know if anyone could ever replace stallone as rambo but we might have top go with a “good enough” replacement should he let others follow in his footsteps. Please make this movie while we still have the original badass. Please please please.

  16. Niels says:

    Please Please Please!!!! Rambo 5 Please!

  17. susan says:

    OMG i hope Sly gives us another Rambo and Rocky.Rambo being my favourite HOT HOT HOT!!! He is gorgeous, amazing and i will watch anything with him in. I was 8yrs old seeing the first sly film (rocky) and ever since Ive been a fan, so for 22yrs ive been obsessed and im sure i will till the day i die and hopefully one day my dream will come to and meet him in flesh.

  18. Shing Shing says:

    hey sly !i am Chinese!YOU ARE THE FASMOUS actor in the WORLD.I hopei can watch the new RAMBO!YO BUT I CAN’T SEE you in HONG KNOG !GREAT SLY GREAT EXPENDABLE!!

  19. Derek Michael Munro says:

    I love The Rambo series. I WISH i could write and direct rambo 5. atleast write it. It would be back in america. No son no nothing like that. no ties to anything.No prequel bullshit. this would be the last of John. Not sure if he kills himself or dies. but he definatly has to die. I want it dark, sad, basically like a metal gear 3 ending. a true patriot who gave everything and got nothing in return. The title would be John Rambo. have some sort of ties from every movie, meet his dad before he dies of old age, flash backs of his woman from number 2, maybe he gets depressesed and can’t take it no more. the colonel, everything. then there is a war. he decides it is a suicide mission. just ideas. i am sure hollywood will fuck it up but whatever happens I will be in the theatre when it comes out.

  20. Steven says:

    Rambo 5 would be amazing. But everybody I know says that another Rambo isn’t good without Sly. Do It !

  21. aaron says:

    please i really want watch other movie rambo 5 please he like my father i got your book about traning and food health it good story thank mate. you are best no.1 in world anyone brother safe

  22. torbjørn says:

    It will be awesome. do it!!

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  24. VINCENT says:


  25. vashya jyoti says:

    its my great pleasure that i have seen a soo good looking person as he . i had followed every films and i love him so much. i am a great fan of his from india and his rambo and rocky are the best . long live sly .rocky!

  26. NILESH says:


  27. mike sanchez says:

    The last Rambo was one of the greatest action movies EVER!!! We need more.

  28. Nick says:

    Could you make it a little less gory this time? I also feel that a lot could be done with John Rambo’s father, who they alluded to at the end of “Rambo.” Adding in a father/son element about forgiveness might do a lot for young men with the same issue.

  29. wayne says:

    Yes tht would be great if he do a new rambo film hope he do loads ……..and we want see a new rocky as well and other new films like 2 c him fight again that big russen man in rocky 4 again tht be a good come back for a new rocky film??

  30. Hari says:

    I want John Rambo back in action…

    He is god..he is everything…i want him back…

  31. Modesto Zepeda, Jr says:

    They can do a prequel of rambo with: Stanford, Ortega, Etc.

  32. Amy + Courtney says:

    pleaseee! we love your films so much and especially rambo! xxxx

  33. Lance Hathaway says:

    Mr Stallone,
    I am a small time writer and am one of the most dedicated fans of your work! I think your delivery of characters and writting are absolutly second to none!
    In the last movie we see our hero walking home to his fathers ranch with hopeful assumption that he finds a well deserved peace. I think it would be great to see him back in action! As many of the fans are now reaching their middle ages, I bet a lot of us would like to see one more hooray from Rambo but this time, it’s not for his country, or for an idealistic crusade, but his family! The quiet unassuming ranch hand that keeps to himself gets involved after local henchmen try to muscle in on his father lands and hurt his potential love interests daughter. Let his character be quiet and dismissive of the bullies that my work on the ranch until the day comes for him to rise! A lot of us 40ish to 50 ish guys have families now that I bet could touch on a personal level! Defend your loved ones Rambo! That’s the most fierce fight of all!!!

    Lance Hathaway

  34. Gunther says:

    RAMBO 5 , YES PLEASE !!!!!!!!
    I think i can speak for everybody in belgium , Make it happen

  35. Peter N says:

    We can’t get enough of Rambo! Give us another sequel, and we promise you – You won’t regret!

  36. Martin says:

    I would love another Sylvester Stallone Rambo! Please Sly! Please!

  37. Fahad says:

    Come on SLY I can’t stop loving you
    I keep watching your all Rambo parts all of them
    Please make another one and keep showing up we are SLY Fans 

    Wish you the best

  38. Ronny says:

    Yes, please bring it!

  39. Robert says:

    I hope Sly will make another Rambo I Love the movie

  40. Otema says:

    Yes we need Rambo 5 Sly

  41. Otema says:

    yes we need to come back Sly

  42. JB says:

    This could be awesome! but He has to change a lots of things…stop jungle or exotic places, stop rescuing people,stop the same plots over and over again! In the last 3 movies we’ve seen the same story sets in different places!As someone here said, that movie should have to be closer to the First Blood movie.Yes, the last one ended with rambo coming back home, so hopefully it will be set in an urban location like the first movie. Anyway I can’t wait to see another RAMBO!!!

  43. Claudia says:

    Yes, yes and yes. Another Rambo movie would be great. They just don’t make movies like that anymore. And there is no other actor who could play such a role. No offense but who would book Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt as Rambo. lol. So please Sly, make one more Rambo. Your fans love and miss you.

  44. tegi says:

    of course he must return

  45. amy + courtney says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make another rambo! love your biggest fans in the world ever! xx

  46. Alex says:

    R.I.P. Charles Napier, thanks for the memories…he was living on borrowed time anyway after Rambo decided to let him live.

  47. Fan from Finland says:

    Of course! Rambo is one and only!

  48. Ashley says:

    Yes do another one

  49. Umar Khan says:

    Dear Sly,
    I met you on Dec.5, 2003 in Beverly Hills. Thanks for the pic I took with you. You did great in Rambo 4. So please give the world a Rambo 5.


  51. sam says:

    Yes another Rambo, and I also think he has one more Rocky in him too.

  52. Justin says:

    Another Rambo would be amazing. Infact im a young kid into Sly. I wish to be him someday and be the next rambo. Making movies and become a director! Rambo 5…Yes make it.

  53. R Saravanan says:

    I for one definitely think another Rambo would be GREAT! But it must have a strong compelling story line. Because John Rambo represents HOPE, COURAGE, STRENGTH, HONOUR & WILL. None of these values should be compromised.
    Than again if Syl is in it- Heck- I’ll watch it…!!!!

  54. victor says:

    Yes, I hope he wants to make the last Rambo film. I think everybody want it. It could be the best action film ever. I would be great!!!!!

  55. Keith says:

    Would love to see another Rambo, Rocky, or even Judge Dredd film. Or any film Sly does.

  56. Zoe says:

    If the script is good I definitely think that a new Rambo movie would be great!^.^

  57. Tahsin says:

    Rambo must go strictly to follow the adventures of a true hero and I would love for the new

  58. suraj balakrishnan says:

    rambo is my inspiration.and i am aw2aiting for rambo v.
    hope to see it soon.rambo is always going to be the best and there should be another rambo. plz,rambo v is a must :)

  59. daniel quihuis says:

    It would be great to do a Rambo movie RISING. step would be good to see life in vietnam rambo

  60. Hrishikesh says:

    Go for it SLY! We want another RAMBO!!!

  61. hafez abdolhosseini says:

    hi mr stallone.
    I am from mahdishahr of iran.
    I like your rambo film and rambo 4 that its best of the man that his life very hardship.
    thank you mr stallone please start the rambo 5 and the expendables2.
    live for nothing or we die for some thing

  62. john says:

    we need last one slyyyy!!

  63. Vincent Dyer says:

    I really think Sly should do a prequel to Rambo showing what happened in vietnam obviously there would have to be some one younger to play him but stallone would also be in it as the older rambo just flashing back in forth to what happened in vietnam. I think this is the one that Fans would love to see im working on a script now please contact me for more info thanks

  64. walter clivio says:

    toda mi vida fui admirador,del mas grande Silvester Stallon y quiero ver los Rambo que el este desidido hacer,mucha suerte amigo.

  65. Dan says:

    I’ll watch Rambo and Rocky movies as long as Sly is able to make them…

  66. Daniel says:


    Im unsure that making a 5th Rambo movie will be the best iday

    …maybe “commercially/financially”!
    …but artistically , definitelly not.

    Because Mr.Stallone have been able to wonderfully close the whole serie
    with John Rambo.

    Mr.Stallone , you have come full circle with this character , please dont not betray him for the pleasure of a couples of Action Viewers , it could
    tarnish the very good memories we have about the complete serie.

    But , if you WANT to make it , why not , do yourself a pleasure

    Do what you feel is better to do

    Love & Respect


  67. Butkus says:

    Rocky VII now! It would be wonderful. Rocky is the best.

  68. dario says:

    it ain’t over till it’s over!!!Rambo back home in Arizona facing local corruption!why not?

  69. max says:

    un autre car c’est super. meilleurs films

  70. bella rose says:

    sly……..go for it! you can do it!

  71. Ramesh Ramsahoye says:

    I think that Rambo’s return home, ending with a lonely walk, just as the quadrilogy began in First Blood, was beautifully conveived and extremely poignant for all of us who have followed John’s story. I challenge anyone who dismisses Sly as an actor to watch the climactic scene in First Blood and say the same. It was heartbreaking and I cried. That’s Sly’s genius – he gives us tough guys who are also vulnerable and fully human. The film was ahead of its time, documenting what we now call post-traumatic stress disorder, society’s apalling failure to help returning soldiers and its disownment of war and its consequences while enjoying the peace and prosperity that men and women died for. The return home in Rambo IV offers a chance for equally valid comment to be made about today’s fractured, selfish and materialistic world where John finds himself unable to adjust to the dehumanize conditions of modern life in which we are all now so insulated from one another, and so fearful that we tolerate the gradual erosion of our freedoms and happily step over the helpless on our way home from work.

  72. Chad says:

    YES!!!! I want more Rambo movies!!!! I own all the movies and books (The original and the movie adaptations)

    RAMBO 5 RAMBO 5 RAMBO 5 RAMBO 5 RAMBO 5 RAMBO 5 !!!!!!!!!!!

  73. J says:

    Oh sweet jesus, film it already!

  74. Ermvrs says:

    rocky 7 olsa daha gzl olrdu

  75. kralaydo-turkey says:

    böyle büyük bir filmi izlemek için sabırsızlanmaya başladım umarım bir an önce çekilir.

  76. Michael Hyam says:

    are you kidding me…..is this even a question.. Do IT!!!

    Sly you should have a meet your biggest fan contest!! Great PR and of course rig it, so i win :)

  77. Carina says:

    Yes!Yes! Sylvester has to do another Rambo!I love Sylvester I am such a major fan.And he is such a big inspiration to everyone.In Rocky IV he said “If I can change.You can change.Everyone can change.” So that means he should

  78. Don says:

    If Stallone is healthy enough and the script is good then why not, Sly go for it!

  79. Tobias Eldesten says:

    SYLVESTER STALLONE, you are the greatest actor of all time I would say! I would love to see a another RAMBO film! PLEASE! GET IT DONE! It would be a tribute to the first film “FIRST BLOOD”.

  80. Paul Franco says:

    I was a big fan of Rambo and my 17 yr old son is probably even bigger. I have been working on a script that is similar to Red Dawn, but much more intense. I’m not a script writer so it’s been slow, but if I had someone that could get the story out of my head and put it on paper it would be awesome. The other day I got the idea of putting the Rambo character into the story. He wouldn’t be the main character but someone that they come across and he helps them out taking one last fight to the enemy but this time at home. Check out the Texas State Militia for some of my insipiration. http://www.texasstatemilitia.com/home

  81. S Ward says:

    Mr. Stallone: I was in my teens during the 80’s and I have been a Rambo fan since my older brother purchased First Blood, back in ’82, on the old disc movies that came in the huge hard plastic covers. During those Rambo and Rocky years, I’ve had many good memories with family and friends watching those shows over and over. Thank you. My personal thoughts on a Rambo 5…an absolute YES! With all that’s been going on in Arizona in recent years with the drug smuggling coming across the border, it has cost many lives, and has become dangerous to the residents in that state. Naturally, Rambo is native to Arizona and this could be the best Rambo yet, because this war is extra personal to him…it’s home. It’s where the memories of his youth are. It’s where he was taught by his native-American relatives the many survival skills that would aid him through his life in becoming the world’s deadliest soldier. When Rambo returns to his father’s ranch in Arizona, he is unaware of the increased drug trafficking of the last two decades; he finds that the one place he least expected to be touched by violence has been over-run by the drug cartel. In a world of continual war and chaos, rural Arizona is where he thought he could find peace within himself. My one request as a fan is that I hope Rambo not only wins this final war, but in the end, truly finds the peace he has sought all of his life…in the country he loves, which he sacrificed so much for. And one more thing…that he finally knows that his country loves him, which is all he wanted from the time he came back from the Vietnam War. (S Ward. Idaho, USA).

    • gareth says:

      hell yes to rambo 5 , and if its the last stand fot john j, send him out with honour and the respect his deserve
      ,and with a big bang course we all know rambo a’nt going quitely.i think when hes back home he’s happy settled down with his dad got a wife maybe a child, if sly wanted to carry on the franchise,with son,carry on the family name and a new rambo for a new generation of movie goers. or i think he settled down with family in opening flash backs, think hes finlly found peace, but its all taken alway, therefore once again with nothing else to live for, goes out in a blaze of gory, couse ‘what we call hell he’s calls home’.yeah come on sly do it right send rambo off right,with a bang not a wipper.

  82. Rylee Shatt says:

    Yes! I love all your movies, I wish all your series would never end!!! Please make more movies!

  83. Ermvrs says:

    we need rocky 7 too

  84. Tom says:

    HELL YES. I’ve been inspired by rambo and rocky and I’d love for stallone to make 1 more film of rambo and rocky.

  85. Chris Gray says:

    Sly, because of your two iconic characters Rocky Balboa and John Rambo and your book Sly Moves, I am in the greatest shape of my life. Thank-you! I have pictures of both characters hanging around my apartment for inspiration that my girlfriend has threatened to take down. Rambo is awesome and that last installment shut everyone’s mouths who joked about the fourth film before seeing it. It was a hauntingly beautiful movie. I agree with the above post: as long as John Rambo lives, he must return b/c that’s just who he is. Not sure about the tentative title “Last Stand” though…seems a bit cliche. I think you are an amazing person who defies the odds and who transcends all challenges. Thank-you, Mr. Stallone, for setting a great example to men everywhere.

  86. sajid ali says:

    I would also like to see a final Rocky, where he teaches his son to fight

  87. sajid ali says:

    Bring on RAMBO 5, i would ike to see a movie where he finds his family then kidnaped. Rambo to resue

  88. ian says:

    hi SLY. RAMBO is one of my favorite characters and i would like to see him return.a film similar to first blood .i remember there was a script about white supremacists kidnapping his daughter and drugs related. and if you could get some hard core fuckers like the guys from the film miami vice.that would do it

  89. Brea says:

    While, in my last comment, I suggested a Rambo musical, I think that a movie will receive many more votes because most of us don’t have access to Broadway. Save any musical dreams for a marching band show.
    Now, if you’re out of ideas, here’s what I was thinking: At the end of Rambo IV, Rambo is seen (spoiler alert) walking toward what we can assume is his house. The audience can easily imagine that he’s returning to reunite with his father after all these years. “But wait, Brea. We know his father is dead based on that combination mailbox/gravestone that was shown before Rambo started down that lonely farm path toward his shed.” Well, writers, don’t let that limit your creativity because it wasn’t obvious that it was a gravestone. Us muggles saw it as a mailbox et only after finding concrete info on Wikipedia were we able to realize that it also represented the burial place of his father. All that aside, assume his goal is to visit his father, he walks into his house et sees his father is not only dead, but has been murdered in his rocking chair. The rest of the movie can be one of those murder mystery/Taken films where Rambo gets to the bottom of all this tumult. I think I speak for at least two other people when I say I want to see Rambo in a modern-day American environment. So don’t overthink it et cheers for jumping onto this groundbreaking endeavor.

    • suhaimi omarramih says:

      i think ,the rambo story is not finished yet ! it must have the complete circle for rambo when his going home on the rambo 4…i think ,mr.slyvester stallone have to do another rambo movies,to complete the stories..

  90. Matteo says:

    YO Sly !!!!
    Did it again, the final adventure for the 80s Hero

  91. Kirill says:

    The next RAMBO film should have the atmosphere of the “first blood” book.

  92. Bradane Muriel says:

    Oh yes!! Please Sly give us another Rambo!!! It will be great that it’ll take place in US, to do the full circle with the first Rambo!!!! I know you are going to do something fantastic!!! You are the best ever!!! Merci!!

  93. bret says:

    As long as John Rambo lives, he must come back… that’s just who he is.

  94. i love you mr stallone.you very goodlooking.

  95. Antonio says:

    For those who are card-carrying fan of Sly, as I would be sensational, please SLY get inspired and make the joy of the mass!

  96. Geopap says:

    hey Mr Stallone! if your guys will forward this to you:
    let J.J. rest; he’s finally home…

  97. Ryan Foster says:

    I love sly! I just watched the Expendable extras on iTunes again for the 10th time! I enjoy and look forward to any film with Sly and the creative edge that he brings to each and every film!!

  98. Of course, what a question?
    How about a contest with Ideas (1 or 2 pages) from the fans?

  99. Franco C says:

    That would be great!! We all cant get enough of Sly and his awesome films!! Get it DONE!!! Franco

  100. C Arundel says:

    Hell yes we want another Rambo.

    • Modesto Zepeda, Jr says:

      Hell yes we want many more rambo movies! He is my idol.

    • aaron says:

      please i really want watch other movie rambo5 he like my father…. i got your book about training and food health. you are no.1

    • Joe Carusotto says:

      Hello Sly,i’m a big fan and would love to see Rambo continue the fight here at home.Fighting the drug war would make for a great plot or terrorists.He would be called upon by the military because of his background once they know he’s back in the country.What do think.Love,Ya man.Joe.

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