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The official Expendables website has now been updated with a new design and content. The Expendables is set to hit theaters on August 13th courtesy of director Sylvester Stallone and his all-star cast that includes Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin and many more (including cameos by Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger).

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  1. Nathan Baker says:

    Hi Mr Stallone your expendables movies are great both of them me my dad and my brother are big fans we are looking forward to the expendables 3 there is one person will be great in it is Kurt Russell because you and Kurt made a great team in Tango and Cash best of good luck in more expendables movies and god bless

  2. dear mr syvester stallone i hope you are doing great i have not receve your newletter it has been since dec i belong to frank the pranker gangster team newletter team your brother frank stallone the singer one of my band friend i,am dj iheartradio.com former djmixture181 lAST.FM RADIO.COM EDWARD M.WALKER THANK YOU

  3. Glenn says:

    Mr. Stallone,
    My deepest condolences to you adn your family. I’m soo sorry that you are going through this. I pray that you reamin strong in your faith; and may God Bless you and your family.
    You’res in faith and friendship,
    Glenn Howe
    Big Fan too…(again, I’m so sorry to hear this news)

  4. atiq says:

    i r the hero forever

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