New trailer for Rocky – Das Musical

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Rocky Musical

Sylvester Stallone was in Hamburg recently to promote the first stage adaptation of his film, Rocky. Stallone is a producer of Rocky – Das Musical, along with the champion boxing brothers Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko. The original 1976 movie won three Oscars and spawned five sequels.

The musical tells the rags-to-riches story of Rocky Balboa, a talented but unsuccessful amateur boxer, realising his potential and winning his romantic interest, Adrian. The new trailer for the German version of the musical is presented below.

Stallone said: “All I provided was the story and then Tom Meehan wrote the book for the play.” But Stallone was confident about the musical’s prospects: “I really truly believe that this thing here is going to be extraordinarily successful.”

Rocky – Das Musical features all the original film’s main characters, as well as songs like ‘Gonna Fly Now’ and ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.

12 comments on ‘New trailer for Rocky – Das Musical’

  1. Freddy Alvarez says:

    A must see for all Americans. Please bring this to the US

  2. Dennis says:

    Sly, i was yesterday in your musical Rocky…it was awesome!!!
    Many thinks happen…the ring turns around…spining in the public…woooow!!!

    The best musical i’ve ever seen!!!

    Today i will jog 25km :-)))

    Thank you !!

    Best regards from cologne


  3. lorena says:

    Please bring it to switzerland

  4. noe pacheco says:

    u are the best sly we will love the musical

  5. italianboy says:

    The new rocky is going to be really good but the rocky from 1976 is the best nothing can compare

  6. Miro Verzini says:

    Sly, please BROADWAY!

  7. maria says:

    Rocky è sempre stato il mio film preferito
    ma credo che non funzionerà come musical.

  8. Clare Durham says:

    Please bring it to London!!!!

    • Benfield s says:

      Very much welcomed in the united kingdom.

    • maria says:

      I never bew about ur medical issues, but, u survived for us We all ” ur fans” love u, & please keep the movies coming, & perhaps TRY To let someone do ur stunts, for a change..love u rocky, j.ranbo, & All.ur names..:)

  9. Janet Poulin says:

    Please do this for all of us in the US !!!!!! It is from the soul. It will be wonderful !

  10. ANAV says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see it!

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