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Rumours are abound that Sylvester Stallone is considering a new movie based on his 90’s blockbuster, Cliffhanger. According to media speculation, the new movie will be called The Dam. In the original movie, Gabe Walker, a troubled mountain climber and rescue worker, battled a band of thieves trying to recover three cases containing $100 million lost in the mountains. Stallone disclosed in an interview with Reuters that he is also considering a Rambo V.

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  1. Wildflower says:

    Sounds good enjoyed Cliff hanger when it came out. Good to see Stallone taking on more projects, Has he thought of making a movie about a vigilante with so many things going on in the world recently, and with the machete -weilding men who killed a soldier in London just as an example, I’m sure he could find something to write about to make a movie starring himself ,like he did with rambo, but a new character . Worth thinking about before hollywood decides to make one. I can see a title being one word, seems to bring Stallone good luck in flims. example, Rocky, Rambo, Cobra etc..

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