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Here you will find five sections that bring together various interviews with Sylvester Stallone detailing his experiences in the world of health and fitness.

One: The Body of Sylvester Stallone
Two: Nutrition and Regimen
Three: Interview with Sly
Four: Training and Exercise
Five: How Dolph Lundgren trained to fight Rocky

If you are still hungry for training tips from Sly, then you’ll need Sly’s book: the ultimate guide for how to lose weight, build strength and gain willpower:

Sly Moves

Sly Moves

Movie fans can argue the merits of Rocky vs. Rambo, but no one can accuse Sylvester Stallone of being a couch potato. In Sly Moves, Stallone recounts the training methods that turned him into one of the true Hollywood hard-bodies of all time, tailoring the best and worst of what he learned from forty years in the gym and testing trendy diets into a simple (3-hour-a-week) workout/eating program anyone can follow.

Stallone mixes in plenty of personal tales from his career along with practical advice, including a three-day look inside the life of an action hero.

You could do a lot worse than listen to a guy of humble beginnings who willed himself into everything he ever dreamed of becoming.