Grudge Match

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DeNiro vs Stallone

With Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro signed up to box for director Peter Segal in Grudge Match, it was only logical that a beautiful woman would be somewhere in the mix. Film magazines like Empire have been hot on the trail of this new Stallone project and are reporting that Kim Basinger has now joined the cast. Entertainment magazines like Variety are also reporting the addition of Alan Arkin to the cast.

It’s Rocky vs Jake LaMotta in this tale of two retired fighters lured back into the ring in order to settle an old score. Kevin Hart will play the fight promoter who sees a fast buck and sets up the bout. The film is based on a script by Doug Ellin, who re-wrote the original writer Tim Kelleher. The project is set to go before the cameras sometime in 2013.

9 comments on ‘Grudge Match’

  1. Victor Lockwood says:

    Hello, this is a comedy not a realistic fight movie. Since when does reality have anything to do with the movies? I have a flash for all of you that feel it would be a mismatch because of size, Mr. De Niro is over 70, and Stallone is 65. They are both actors not pro fighters so get over it. It is make believe.

  2. john says:

    A middleweight against a heavy weight? Unless DeNiro starts doing some serious weightlifting and/or eating, no way he looks like he’s in the same weight class as Stallone. Granted, they are probably the same height, but, would anybody think Tommy Hearns and Lennox Lewis should have fought because they were almost the same height? I didn’t think so. And I say this as a big fan of both of them and their movies.

  3. Donald Smith says:

    I cant wait. Looking forward to the release.

  4. susan says:


  5. Blake says:

    Id pay to see grudge match hands down great idea any classic actor vrought to do it rite and show young guys wat action actually is Stallone my favorite actor n he will live on in legend (cant wait for bullet to the head)

  6. yahya says:

    Please shelve this there’s no need. Rocky is my idol I can’t see him going into the ring to take a beating. Rocky 6 ended on a great note. I’m contempt that rocky ended his career on a high and got paid and probably lives comfortably in a nice Philadelphia neighborhood.

  7. Librod says:

    Ooh, dude, be careful Rocky Balboa ended on such a high. From what I’ve read, it sounds like Balboa goes another round..is that true? Does he need to?

  8. Glyn says:

    Sounds very interesting. I hope it’s not a comedy though.

    • rgdy says:

      Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone play aging boxers who climb back into the ring 50 years after their last bout in the comedy, set for release Christmas Day.

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